Dagor Dagorath

Dagor Dagorath

2003 - Dagor Dagorath band was founded by Vorog (guitar/lead vocal), Getman Azach (keyboards/back vocal) Mizgir (bass guitar). After the half year work with the material, the band plays its first live-gig, where DD gets to know with "Psychopatia Sexualis", who joins as a drummer. The band makes more performances together with different bands.

2004/2005 -Two members of the band joins the army, and the artistic life of DD is a little bit frozen. Nevertheless the band records their demo-album "Times of Distress" and continues making live performances.

2006 - "Psychopatia Sexualis" leaves DD for some personal reasons. The band begins to work on creating of the new songs.

2007 - After returning from the army, all the members finish with the material and in august start recording the songs for their debut-album. "Psychopatia Sexualis" takes part in this process as a session-musician.

2008 - DD finishes the recording of the debut-album "Yetzer Ha'Ra". In march the band is supplemented with Larion (lead vocal).

2009 – Finally, our hard work came to an end! Dagor Dagorath finished working on the debut album “Yetzer Ha'Ra”.
Some details about the album: Sound engineering was made by Miko at Metal sound Studios, Graphics were made by the famous graphic designer Seth Siro Anton. “Yetzer Ha'Ra” will be released at the end of the summer(Twilight Vertrieb, More Hate Prod.)
Some more good news, a new drummer “Molot” had joined the band, bringing fresh blood into DD.


Dagor Dagorath Discography Tracks


none Firth Of Damnation, Dagor Dagorath Firth Of Damnation, Dagor Dagorath - Times Of Distress(Cass) Sabbathid Records none Japan 2007 Sell This Version
none Azagatel, Dagor Dagorath Azagatel, Dagor Dagorath - Olokun(Cass) Nekrogoat Heresy Productions none Portugal 2008 Sell This Version
Dagor Dagorath Yetzer Ha'Ra (Album) More Hate Productions Russia 2009 Sell This Version
Dagor Dagorath Dissident (Album) Фоно, More Hate Productions Macedonia 2014 Sell This Version


Dagor Dagorath Times Of Distress Sabbathid Records Israel 2005 Sell This Version

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December 28, 2009
Dagor Dagorath kommen mal nicht aus Norwegen, Schweden etc., sondern aus Israel. Mal etwas anderes! Im Jahre 2005 spielten sie das vorliegende Material ein. Doch ist das ebenso eine Abwechslung wie ihre Herkunft?

So richtig kann man dies nicht sagen. Es ist natürlich alles vorhanden, was eine gute Pagan / Black-Scheibe braucht, um auch für mehr als einen Durchlauf in der Anlage zu verschwinden. Man packte die nicht zu beanstandenden Riffs in ein recht ruppiges Klanggewand, welches allerdings nicht nach "Kissen auf Lautsprecher" klingt. Man könnte es auch einfach als passig beschreiben. Was auf keinen Fall fehlen darf für ein Album dieser Art: Klargesang. Dieser ist selbstverständlich im Preis enthalten und hier merkt man schon ein wenig nahöstliches Flair! Auch die Folkeinflüsse lassen darauf schliessen, dass man es nicht mit einer europäischen Band zu tun hat. Im vierten Stück hat man beispielsweise das Intro rein folkig gestaltet und das wahrlich gut! Die Mannen sorgen auch für eine recht angenehme Atmosphäre durchknisterndes Feuer - im Gegensatz zur sonst vermittelnden, recht aggressiven Grundstimmung.

"Times of Distress" ist also ein sehr gelungenes Demo geworden. Ich hätte mir noch ein wenig mehr Einflüsse aus deren heimatlicher Folklore gewünscht, aber was nicht ist, kann auf den sicher folgenden Alben ja noch werden!

Punkte: 9/13



December 28, 2009
edited over 8 years ago
“Times Of Distress” is the only work at the time of this Israelite Black Metal quartet formed in 2002... This work was released as a self-produced demo in 2002, and lately as a split demo with the USBM band Firth of Damnation under the Japanese label Sabbathid Records. The style delivered by these four blackened souls could be labelled as Atmospheric Pagan Black Metal, where the great emphasis in the magnificent keyboards arranges is definitely a trademark. Even when the keyboards are indisputably one of the leading elements, the grimness and rusticity of traditional Black Metal is completely present in shape of blurry, dirty guitar riffs, a brutal and versatile drum work and infernal vocalizations taken from the very guts of hell… There’re also some interesting doses of melody along this demo, but definitely not the typical charming, angelical, gothic-flavoured keyboard driven ones, the harmonies created by this band are much more obscure, mysterious and macabre, maybe a good point of comparison would be the melodicness of bands such Limbonic Art, but less complex, quite lighter, and complemented by pagan-inspired interludes resulting in a highly interesting mixture of styles, being perfectly demonstrated at the fifth song “Times Of Distress”, at this track the harshness and magnificence of the keyboard driven Black Metal is accurately mixed with Pagan passages with some really good results. The whole demo moves over mid to fast velocities, where the variety, grimness and melody are perfectly conjugated, reaching its highest point at the third track “In the Flames of Bonefires”, my absolute favourite track. “Times Of Distress” is a strong, coherent and highly original work, worthy of attention… By the way, Dagor Dagorath is currently working on its first full length album, so keep an eye on this band. (AP)


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