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Formed in Manchester in 1982 by Jim Glennie, Tim Booth, Larry Gott and Gavan Whelan. Signing, a year later, to Anthony H. Wilson's Factory label, before being snapped up by the Sire Records Company. Their folksy/indie sound found early cult status, before they became big chart toppers. Well almost, 'Sit Down' reached no. 2 in the UK singles charts, quickly followed by a no. 2 album, 'Seven'. The band split up in 2001, before re-forming some years later. , , Facebook , Flickr , Instagram , MySpace , , Soundcloud , X , Wikipedia , YouTube
Members:Adrian Oxaal, Andy Diagram, Chloe Alper, David Baynton-Power, Debbie Knox-Hewson, Gavan Whelan, Jenny Belinda Glennie, Jim Glennie, Larry Gott, Mark Hunter, Michael Kulas, Paul Gilbertson, Ron Yeadon, Saul Davies, Tim Booth




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