2 Wikked

2 Wikked

2 Wikked is a duo from Eindhoven representing the South part of the Netherlands.
The kru consists of RodmanSan and Cruzaway
which are both veterans of da Dutch 1980's HipHop scene.

From 1995 they started making Breakbeat music
with influences of Reggae, Soul, HipHop, Electro, Funk, Jazz and Movies.
Next to creating music you can see why the awesome twosome are really goin' down
when the Beats and Wikked Basses are rolling live on stage.

You can find the roots of RodmanSan and Cruzaway starting from around 1985
when HipHop music exploded as a new hype in Europe.
This is also the period when the duo started playing in several HipHop crews.
RodmanSan was then more concentrating on creating music,
while Cruzaway could be found as a rapper behind the microfone.
After playing in different bands the twosome decided to work together,
this gave them the new impulse
for letting the music change from HipHop to Break Beats.

At a show you can find 2 Wikked back as Mixologists,
which means that there is no DAT-recorder involved
but that the songs are again live mixed and played.
In this way the duo can allow themselves to interact with the public
and reproduce a song to the likeness of the people on the floor.
Mixology is also explained as a multi-functional word for everything
that has to do about creating Electronic music.

2 Wikked Discography Tracks

Singles & EPs

FGW 001 2 Wikked Enta Da Wikkedness(12") FluffGirlWax FGW 001 Netherlands 2000 Sell This Version
FGW 002 2 Wikked XXX Breaks EP(12") FluffGirlWax FGW 002 Netherlands 2002 Sell This Version
FGW 003 2 Wikked Give It Up / Chuck It So(12") FluffGirlWax FGW 003 Netherlands 2003 Sell This Version