Real Name:
Alonzo Williams
Music producer, entertainer, and club owner "Grandmaster" Lonzo began his career in the late 70's forming Z-Car Promotions with Roger Clayton. The two set up events and parties before spliting (Roger would later create Uncle Jamm's Army). Next Lonzo created a disco, funk, and dance mobile DJ party crew called Disco Construction and the Wreckin' Cru. At the same time Lonzo ran several clubs in the South Los Angeles area such as Dudo's, Eve After Dark, and eventually Skateland USA. The establishment of the first large urban independent record manufacturer and distributor, Macola Records, led Lonzo to create Kru Cut Records in 1984 (a Macola sublabel) and produce electro-rap releases with the World Class Wreckin' Cru through in the mid 80's. After great success with such singles as "Juice", "Surgery", "Cabbage Patch" and a brief stint on Epic Records, the group members left over financial disputs. However Lonzo enjoyed great revenue from the group's last single, "Turn Out The Lights", which hit big on the pop and urban charts. In an effort continue the success of his former group, Lonzo assembled a new Wreckin Kru and released several compilation albums throughout the 1990's. One of these albums attempted to play off the success of former protege Dr. Dre titled First Round Knock Out. However Lonzo took much heat after being sued by the former Wreckin' Cru member because the release appeared to many as an official Dr. Dre release and contained a controversial unreleased track. Recently Lonzo focuses on running his newest club, Club Hall Of Fame, located in Inglewood, California.

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