Laurent Hô

Real Name:Laurent Hô

French DJ & producer born in 1967.
Especially known for his older Hardcore Techno productions, but has also produced Industrial, Techno, IDM, Electro, Electronica.
Also recognized as an early promoter of the Hardcore substyle called "Frenchcore".
Founder of Epiteth Rec. in 1994 - the first French Hardcore label - and Uncivilized World in 1996.
In 1999 he co-founded UWe (Uncivilized World Entertainment - as an extension of his own label Uncivilized World) alongside DJ Kraft & Arnaud Frisch, particularly its divisions ANLX (Techno) & Human (DJ mixes). He parted ways in 2004. , Bandcamp , , Soundcloud , Wikipedia
Aliases:Audiodrama, Carla Elves, Ho.exe, Ingler
In Groups:Auto Tropp, Dash (4), Neroptic
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