Alan Tarney

Real Name:Alan Tarney

Alan Tarney (born 19 November 1945, Northside, Workington, Cumberland, England) is an English songwriter, record producer, vocalist, guitarist, bass guitarist and keyboardist.

His family migrated to Australia and he spent his teenage years in Adelaide, Australia, where he met his songwriting and musical partner Trevor Spencer. The two played together in the band James Taylor Move (1967–1968). When the group disbanded, Tarney and Spencer moved to London, England and met up with former band member Kevin Peek. The trio formed the Kevin Peek Trio (1968–69). In 1969, Terry Britten moved to England and the four musicians formed the short lived band Quartet (2). Alan went on to play bass guitar with The Shadows from 1973 to 1977 both in the studio and live, covering four major albums "Rockin With Curly Leads", "Specs Appeal", Live At Paris Olympia" and "Tasty" with John Farrar. He formed The Tarney/Spencer Band with Trevor Spencer in 1976.

In 1979, Alan wrote and arranged the Cliff Richard hit "We Don't Talk Anymore". This led to him becoming Richard's record producer of his next two albums, "I'm No Hero" (1980) and "Wired for Sound" (1981). Alan went on to bigger success as a producer in the mid-1980s when he worked with Norwegian band a-ha.

In Groups:James Taylor Move, Quartet (2), The Shadows, The Tarney/Spencer Band
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