In 2018, two shining stars of the underground scene collided precisely at 53° 21′ 36″ N, 4° 32′ 32″ W. The resulting supernova triggered the birth of VO1GT.M4S a veritable alchemy between Voigtmann and John Dimas.
Greater than the sum of its parts, the “rave ‘n roll” duo exists not only to create timeless music, but to also facilitate dreams of freedom and unity on the dancefloor, complete with electrifying high-octane rhythms and subsonic weight the size of a black hole.
With an exhilarating “dance ‘til your feet bleed” energy field, coupled with a badass punk rock attitude to boot, VO1GT.M4S offers you a glimpse into their collective mind at work as they grace and command the global stage.

Aliases:Claus Voigtmann, John Dimas, V3000, Voigtmann
Members:John Dimas


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