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Ever since the founding of Plus 8 Records Ltd. with partner Richie Hawtin in 1989 and the fame and success that came with it, John Acquaviva has been a driving force in the international music and club scene. Prior to Plus 8 Records Ltd. John had a short lived label called Flavor Records (3) which showcased area Rap acts. Well known for his vast record collection of over 50.000 pieces of vinyl, spanning virtually the entire length of club music history AND having played through it as well, he is acknowledged by many as a DJ’s DJ. Recent projects include the development and introduction of Finalscratch.
Ran Definitive Recordings from 1992. , Facebook , Instagram , Soundcloud , X , Wikipedia
Aliases:Joncoe, The African (3)
In Groups:A2Z (3), Acquafix, Cappio Bros., Cybersonik, John Acquaviva & Madox, John Acquaviva & Tobias Lützenkirchen, States Of Mind, The James Gang (2), The Thumb Generation, Two Guys In The Basement
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