Real Name:
Adis Kutkut
An artist by nature, Billain initially started in sketch and paint. He was influenced by the movies of Stanley Kubrick, David Cronenberg, and John Carpenter, and various anime like Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira, and science fiction and scientific thought in general, as well as from living through the unimaginable reality of the darkness brought by war in his home city of Sarajevo.

Not satisfied with his ability to express through these mediums, in 97-98 Billain turned towards music production to further express the complex ideas and visions forming inside his head. He schooled himself in the techniques and theories of music production which led him to techno music, exploring a variety of sources including Iannis Xenakis, Stockhausen, Aphex Twin, The Prodigy and some early Metalheadz releases. After producing approximately 300 minimal techno tracks and playing live DJ sets, again Billain was unsatisfied... techno was just too simple for him.

Listening to Ed Rush & Optical's legendary 'Wormhole' album, Billain found himself at a turning point into a world of techno-influenced drum and bass....

In 2000 Billain became part of the Sarajevo drum and bass collective known as 'Kontra'. The collective was instrumental in bringing some of the finest artists in drum and bass to the country for the first time, and shortly afterwards, Billain started producing drum and bass for the first time, purely for personal enjoyment and development.

After a while of producing and collecting a vast array of tracks and custom sample libraries major disaster struck! A freak hardware failure led to the complete loss of all Billain's files - full finished tracks alongside hours of sampled sound design and hard work were lost forever totaling almost 160GB of projects. Many people might have quit at this point, but Billain tirelessly set straight back to work.. creating sounds again from scratch and starting new projects.

Billain was now developing an original, creative and exciting array of sounds. Through his early music productions he was soon discovered and approached by large companies in need of professional sound design. This resulted in Billain being in heavy demand for sound design work for major companies such as Q Department in New York working on material for films, documentaries and advertising; work which he is still involved in to to the present day.

Through increasing internet exposure, Billain's music also found recognition in the form of releases. Initial track signings came from drum and bass labels Breed 12 Inches and C2D, and after further developing his sound and style more signings started coming from established Dutch labels Syndrome Audio, Citrus and Rise Audio in London.
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