Sérgio Mendes & Brasil '65

Brasil '65 was the group with which Sergio Mendes toured the United States in 1964 and 1965. The tour was the first phase of an initiative by the Itamaraty (Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations) to promote Brazilian music in the US (the second phase involved Marcos Valle’s group). The tour started in November, 1964, in Mexico, where the group performed for two weeks at the Casa del Lago as well as at Panamericana University. Next, they moved to Los Angeles for two weeks at Shelly's Manne-Hole, then to Philadelphia for a one night stand. After a quick appearance on New York’s “Nightlife” TV show, the group was back in Los Angeles for another two weeks; next to San Francisco, where they performed at El Matador for three weeks, and at The Trident, in Sausalito, for four weeks. Then two more weeks at The Penthouse, Seattle.
During their stay in the US the group cut two albums: In Person At El Matador for Atlantic, and Brasil '65 for Capitol Records.
The group was composed of: Sérgio Mendes on piano; Rosinha de Valença, guitar and singer; Jorge Ben, singer and guitar (not credited on albums as a performer); Wanda Sá, singer; Sebastião Neto, bass; and Chico Batera, drums (the latter two being members of The Sérgio Mendes Trio).
(See “Cash Box”, October 2, 1965, p. 47).


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