Steve Beresford

Real Name:Stephen Beresford

Steve Beresford (Wellington, Shropshire, UK, 1950) is a composer, musician and arranger, a veteran of countless bands from the Slits to the Melody Four. He has been a central figure in the British improvising scene for over thirty years working with the likes of Derek Bailey, Evan Parker and Han Bennink. For the past decade he has concentrated most of his compositional efforts on tracks for independent British film and television. Strange sambas, jittery jazz, melancholy moods and more from one of the most consistently imaginative and creative musicians in Europe. , Wikipedia
Aliases:Stuart Barefoot
In Groups:Alterations, Britisch Bergisch Brandenburgisches Quartett, Company (2), Consorts, Dirty Songs, Four Pullovers, Foxes Fox, Frank Chickens, Frequency Disasters, General Strike, Gestalt Et Jive, Kontakte Trio, London Improvisers Orchestra, Portsmouth Sinfonia, SFE, Steve Beresford His Piano & Orchestra, Steve Beresford Trio, The 49 Americans, The Avocados, The Circuit
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