Michèle Bokanowski

Michèle Bokanowski (August 9, 1943, Cannes, France) is a French Paris-based electroacoustic music composer.

After a classical education in harmony, she met Michel Puig, a student of René Leibowitz, who taught her composition and analysis according to Schönbergian principles. In September 1970, she began a two year course at the "Service de la recherche de l’ORTF" (ORTF Research Department) under the direction of Pierre Schaeffer. At the same time, she participated in a sound synthesis research group, studied computer music at the Faculté de Vincennes as well as electronic music with Eliane Radigue.

Between 1972 and 1984, she composed essentially for the concert ["Korè" for one pianist, "Trois chambres d’inquiétude", "Tabou"], and for film [mostly for Patrick Bokanowski]. Since 1985, she has also composed for television, theatre [with Catherine Dasté], and for dance [with choreographers Hideyuki Yano, Marceline Lartigue and Bernardo Montet].
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