Real Name:Takashi Hasegawa

ENITOKWA (non-entertainment-research)

After passing through CLASSIC-NEWWAVE-HARDCORE-INDUSTRIAL, he moved to the United States and started producing sound sources under the influence of NYC's music culture in the early 90's. In 1994, he made his debut in the Tokyo techno scene as ARTIST and A & R of East Edge Records under Space Lab Yellow, which was established mainly by DJ K.U.D.O.aka ARTMAN. Since then, he has continued to release his works, expressing Techno, House, Ambient, contemporary music, improvisation, field recording, and DJ from his own perspective. Since 2019, he has been active at two bases in Kitakyushu ⇄ Osaka.

Since 2015, he has participated in the improvisational electronic sound Trio “Kruispunt” with Shigeki Ieguti (PARA, Kruispunt, EP-4 [fn.ψ]) and MAYUKo (CROSSBRED, SYNTH SISTERS). In 2016, he released a solo album 2069 produced with HIROSHI WATANABE, YOSHITAKE EXPE, SYNTH SISTERS, etc., and in 2017, released o.n.s.a. as the third work of the Ujikaen Tealightsound series. In November 2021, the limited CDR promo. Released in 2002 from Berlin's emerging label Future Friend was reissued on vinyl as Re-Promo. , Tumblr , Bandcamp , Instagram , Soundcloud , X
Aliases:Hamo (5), Neph, T. Hasegawa
In Groups:EYS (3)
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