Diego Wolf

Diego Wolf


Diego Wolf is a Chilean artist, music producer, and composer born in Talca. Since his adolescence, Diego has been interested in music, experimenting with different styles and playing with local bands. Despite graduating with an MBA in Business Engineering and Administration, in his childhood, Diego studied drawing, music, and painting at the arts and culture school in Talca, which allowed him to gain a deep knowledge of various forms of art and culture.

Currently, he is the composer and guitarist of the metalcore band Wolfskin, and also has a solo project where he explores styles like hip-hop and urban music.
In addition to his music career, Diego is the CEO and founder of Bad Wolf Records, a record label and recording studio. As a music producer, he has worked with numerous artists from around the world and has created a portfolio that includes full albums, singles, and audiovisual projects.

In summary, Diego Wolf is a complete artist with a great passion for music and art in general. His experience as a music producer and CEO of Bad Wolf Records has allowed him to develop a unique style and work with a variety of artists from around the world.

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