Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse

Death Metal band formed in Buffalo, New York, 1988.

Cannibal Corpse have accumulated an enormous following since their inception and are officially the top-selling death metal artists of all time in the US. The band have also been accused of "undermining the national character of the United States" and seen their albums and indeed, themselves, banned in several countries. Germany, for example, banned the group from performing all material up to and including Tomb Of The Mutilated until 2006.

Current members:

George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher: vocals (1996-)
Pat O'Brien: guitar (1997-)
Rob Barrett: guitar (1994-1997, 2005-)
Alex Webster: bass (1988-)
Paul Mazurkiewicz: drums (1988-)

Former members:
Chris Barnes: vocals (1988-1995)
Bob Rusay: guitar (1988-1993)
Jack Owen: guitar (1988-2004)
Jeremy Turner: guitar (2004)

Cannibal Corpse Discography


Cannibal Corpse Eaten Back To Life (Album) Metal Blade Records US 1990 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse Butchered At Birth (Album) Metal Blade Records US 1991 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse Tomb Of The Mutilated (Album) Metal Blade Records US 1992 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse The Bleeding (Album) Metal Blade Records US 1994 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse Vile (Album) Metal Blade Records US 1996 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse Gallery Of Suicide (Album) Metal Blade Records 1998 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse Bloodthirst (Album) Metal Blade Records Romania 1999 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse Live Cannibalism (Album) Metal Blade Records Germany 2000 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse Gore Obsessed (Album) Metal Blade Records US 2002 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse The Wretched Spawn (Album) Metal Blade Records US 2004 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse Kill (Album) Metal Blade Records Canada 2006 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse Evisceration Plague (Album) Metal Blade Records Australia 2009 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse Torture (Album) Metal Blade Records US 2012 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse Torturing And Eviscerating Live (Album) Metal Blade Records US 2013 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse A Skeletal Domain (Album) Metal Blade Records South Korea 2014 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Cannibal Corpse Hammer Smashed Face (EP, Single) Metal Blade Records Poland 1993 Sell This Version
3984-14303-7 Cannibal Corpse Sacrifice / Confessions(7", Single) Metal Blade Records 3984-14303-7 Germany 2000 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse Worm Infested (EP, Comp) Metal Blade Records US 2002 Sell This Version
DB030 Cannibal Corpse Make Them Suffer (Live)(Flexi, 7", S/Sided, Ltd) Decibel Flexi Series DB030 US 2013 Sell This Version


Cannibal Corpse Butchered at Birth / Eaten Back to Life (Comp) Metal Blade Records Australia 1991 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse Tomb Of The Mutilated / Hammer Smashed Face (Comp) Metal Blade Records Australia 1992 Sell This Version
THRUST 027X Cannibal Corpse The Bleeding / Vile(CD, Comp) Thrust THRUST 027X Australia 1996 Sell This Version
Cannibal Corpse Deadly Tracks (Comp) Rock Records & Tapes (Korea) Ltd., Co. South Korea 1997 Sell This Version
3984-41010-2 Cannibal Corpse Cannibal Corpse(Box, Comp + 3xCD, Album, RE, Dig + CD, EP, RE, Dig) Metal Blade Records 3984-41010-2 Germany 2002 Sell This Version
3984-14449-2 Cannibal Corpse 15 Year Killing Spree(3xCD, Comp + DVD-V + Box, Ltd) Metal Blade Records 3984-14449-2 US 2003 Sell This Version

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March 22, 2016
Cannibal Corpse are a really lovely bunch of lads from across the pond. They've been very misunderstood by the music press and the general public who mistakenly thought that the cheeky lads were out to just shock and horrify people, but when you listen to the depth and beauty in songs like "Stripped, Raped & Strangled" "Hacksaw Decapitation" and the beautiful love ballad "Addicted To Vaginal Skin" it's easy to see that the message was clearly about love for one another in this loveless world.
Rumour has it that a new batch of songs are on the way and a somewhat new style what with the addition of violin, flute, harp and piano on some of the songs, however the track titles are as thought provoking as ever with "I Did A Big Shit In My Pants And Threw Them At My Mum, On Purpose" as the the new album opener, and "I Shove Used Tampons Up My Nose" (a gorgeous ballad) and it closes with a stone cold classic called "I Done A Massive Shit In My Girlfriends Pants And Threw Them At Her Dad, On Purpose, And I Didn't Care" which is a sort of reprise of the first track.


October 8, 2015
I will agree with this as well. although the reason for this is the departure of chris barnes in my opinion. the first 4 full lengths are really good for death metal releases, and do sound different among the barnes projects(even his vocal styles changed throughout the 1st 4 albums). add corpsegrinder and everything went downhill and fast. I remember watching a cannibal corpse vhs in the late 90's/early 2000's seeing corpsegrinder doing an interview. he went on to say something like he hadn't washed his hair for a week or so on tour and "that's death metal", or some very close dumb shit like that. this mixed with the comment in the same interview about still living at home with his mom was proof that not only was he a complete douche but without barnes they were just a watered down version of what was. butchered at birth is a hands down, must own album if you are a death metal fan. blistering fast blast beats and technical, shredding riffs. the vocals in my opinion are the sickest sounding of the barnes releases. great guest vocals on vomit the soul by glen Benton.


April 2, 2006
edited over 11 years ago
After listening to one track from CC latest effort "Kill" (closing instrumental called "Infinite Misery") I realized that they sound absolutely the same way that they did back in 1991. Nothing, and i mean it - absolutely nothing has changed (except for a line-up). That's precisely their main selling point, I know, but to me it just sounds boring. Nobody is asking them to add keyboard sounds, but a little bit of change, aside from an artwork and lyrics would be nice. Talking about lyrics - I don't think that they are able to shock anyone by now, not even soccer moms, since anyone knows what CC are about lyrically (praising rape, torture and all that fun stuff). Die-hards will buy all of their albums in an instant, but to me CC are akin to circus freaks, who are constantly concerned about staying "true" and "brutal", but forget all that makes music interesting. Professional ? Yes, absolutely. But also mind-numbingly boring for the most part.

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