Earl Wrightson

Real Name:Earl Wrightson

American baritone singer & actor known for musical theatre, concerts & TV.
Born 1 January 1916 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
Died 7 March 1993 in East Norwich, Long Island, New York, USA.
Wrightson was a frequent performer with Lois Hunt and developed an intimate personal relationship with her that lasted for decades.
He was featured for years on the "Prudential Family Hour" radio show. In 1939 he was a soloist on a Blue Network presentation, appearing the following year at the RCA TV exhibit at the New York World's Fair, and at New York's Radio City Hall in 1941.
During World War II, Wrightston spent eight months in the Pacific Theatre of War entertaining members of the Armed Forces. On his return, he played opposite Dorothy Kirsten in the revival of "The New Moon" and later the lead in Max Gordon's musical production of "Firebrand".

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