Real Name:
Pierluigi Giombini
Italian arranger & composer, born (Roma, 11th of December, 1956) in a family of musicians - son of composer Marcello Giombini - was led to music from an early age becaming one of the best 80's Italo-Disco arrangers. After his first work in 1980 called Range with Natascia Maimone (aka Natasha King and Paul Mazzolini (aka Gazebo) in 1982, he writes a true milestones such as Masterpiece, Lunatic, I Like Chopin (Gazebo) and You're A Danger by Gary Low getting a huge success worlwide. Then, after Tip Tap Dancer by Tortuga, Am-Fm by Natasha King, Little Big Man by Bobby Game and Dancing Shoes by Pancho Ballet, all of them released on Best Record by Claudio Casalini, he comes with his most striking song with Dolce Vita by Ryan Paris on Discomagic by Severo Lombardoni which stands as biggest European hit 1984 with over 5 million copies sold.
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