Pertti Grönholm

Pertti Grönholm

Pertti Grönholm (b. 1966) has composed music and produced sonic environments for radio, documentary films and exhibitions since the mid 1980s. He is best known from a dark ambient duo Dystopia (with Ismo Virta), electro / techno / ambient house project Corporate 09 (originally with Mika Vainio, currently solo) and Kosmische Musik / Space Music group E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr (with Kimi Kärki, Jaakko Penttinen and Ismo Virta). Grönholm's other current and past solo projects are Kytkös, PG-66 and Artatak. His music is released by Origo Sound, Svart Records, Sea State, Adansonia Records, Antler-Subway / Barramundi, Unitunes, Sauna Connections and Valimo Productions.
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SOUND 27 Pertti Grönholm Winterplanet(CD) Origo Sound SOUND 27 Norway 2013 Sell This Version