Bring Me The Horizon


Metalcore band from Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK, formed in 2004.
The style of their early work, including their debut album "Count Your Blessings", has been described as deathcore, but the band started to adopt a more eclectic style of metalcore on subsequent albums. Their 2015 album "That's The Spirit" marked a shift in their sound to less aggressive rock music styles, including electronic rock and nu metal. This was a conscious decision made by the band in a boost change their direction and appeal.

Oliver "Oli" Sykes - vocals (2004-present)
Matt "Vegan" Keen - bass (2004-present)
Matt Nicholls - drums (2004-present)
Lee Mahlia - guitar (2004 -present)

Former members:
Curtis Ward - rhythm guitar (2004-2009)
Jona Weinhofen - rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2009-2013)
Jordan Fish - keyboards, drum pad, percussion, backing vocals (2012-2023) , Facebook , X , Instagram , Wikipedia , YouTube
Members:Curtis Ward, Jona Weinhofen, Jordan Fish (2), Lee Malia, Matt Kean, Matthew Nicholls (2), Oliver Sykes
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