Maurizio Martusciello

Real Name:Maurizio Martusciello

Born in Naples in 1961; starting 1980 he takes up percussion, studying at Liceo Musicale di Napoli. Once in Rome, he takes his studies further into experimental improvised music. In 1992 he has joined Jean Marc Montera’s Group and Tony Oxley’s Percussion Ensemble. Also he takes part in music and dance projects and experimental video-art, theater and movie performances. In 1995 he founded Martusciello Duo, with Elio Martusciello, and the group Ossatura. He played with musicians and groups such as Michiko Hrayama, Wolfgang Fuchs, Fernando Grillo, MEV (Musica Elettronica Viva), Dagmar Krause, Tim Hodgkinson, Chris Cutler, Yoshihide Otomo. He made compositions for Italian National Radio and for Canada’s Journées Électro/Radio Days. Together with Filippo Paolini he founded Metaxu duo in 1997, doing several projects in collaboration with the experimental cinema group Cane Capovolto. He took part in GMEB’s Nuit Anniversaire at 25th Synthèse Festival (Bourges, 1995) and Hommage-Tombeau de Schaeffer at the 26th Synthèse Festival (Bourges, 1996).
Aliases:Martux_M, XM (2)
In Groups:Martusciello, Metaxu, Ossatura, Z.E.L.L.E., Dogon (2)
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