The Psychedelic Furs


UK post-punk band formed in 1977, London, by brothers Tim Butler and Richard Butler. The band released eight studio albums to date and have been produced by a variety of producers, such as Steve Lillywhite, Todd Rundgren, Keith Forsey, Chris Kimsey, David M. Allen and Stephen Street.

Their 1981 song "Pretty In Pink" was picked by director John Hughes (17) as the title of his 1986 teen movie and the re-made version of the song became their biggest hit until then. Other highlights of their catalogue are "Love My Way", "Sister Europe" and their biggest US hit "Heartbreak Beat".

In 1991 they went on hiatus while Richard Butler and Tim Butler launched a new group, Love Spit Love that lasted for two albums (1991 & 1997). In 1996, singer Richard Butler released his self-titled solo album.

The Furs reformed in 2000 for the release of a live album and, since then, the band continue to tour. They released a new studio album in 2020, the first since 1991. , Bandcamp , Facebook , Soundcloud , Wikipedia
Members:Amanda Kramer, Ann Sheldon, Don Yallech, Duncan Kilburn, Ed Buller, Frank Ferrer, Joe McGinty, John Ashton, Knox Chandler, Mars Williams, Paul Garisto, Phill Calvert, Richard Butler, Richard Fortus, Richard Good, Rod Johnson, Roger Morris, Tim Butler, Vincent Paul Davey, Zachary Alford
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