Gary Numan

Real Name:Gary Anthony James Webb

Born 8th of March 1958 in Hammersmith, London, England.

Started his musical career in 1977 as a punk rocker in the band Mean Street, before being sacked in May 1977. He responded to an advert in Melody Maker to join the band The Lasers, alongside Paul Gardiner. Both soon left to form their own punk band, Tubeway Army, with his uncle Jess Lidyard filling in on drums.

In 1978 Tubeway Army was signed to Beggars Banquet and released a couple of punk singles. By then he was using the name Numan and the band was performing live in pubs and clubs around London, supporting The Lurkers. Whilst recording demos for Beggars, Gary stumbled upon a "Minimoog," that had been left behind in the studio, still programmed to a sound that caught his attention. , , , , Facebook , X , Soundcloud , Bandcamp , Instagram , Wikipedia , Imdb ,
Aliases:Gary Webb, Valeriun
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