Hesus Attor


The first line-up of the band was in the form of an instrumental trio (Juan Pablo de Rigad guitars, Sẽnor Monseñor Jose bass, Manolo mago Porco drums). It was mainly influenced by various types and styles of music (metal, etno, progressive music…). This line-up was highly active for two years, mostly surprising concert crowds. During that time we recorded two albums for the local independent label Izdali smo metal (Monade & Dipeti 2003, Vamonos Todos… 2005) By the end of 2005 the bend becomes a quartet, with the new band member (el Cathedralico) on vocals. The music itself became even more complex due to the fact that the vocals are viewed as an another instrument, equally important. The closer description of the music would be: The band explores all and any musical genres (from ambiental music accross opera and spanish folk songs, blues, 50’s mood swings and electronic samples) mixed with a mathematic approach to metal. Hesus Attor’s music sounds furious and shocking with fast rhytmical interchanges on one hand, while on the other hand sounding ironic and often even funny. The public’s response to the new line-up and the new material (mixed with the old material) in the live shows is enthusiastic and surprising. The band also won the first place at the County’s annual band competition as a trio. Subsequently, they used that reward (free recording sessions at a professional studio) for this new cd. The result of the new found line-up is a mini lp cd Green Feathers and Canaries(also released on Izdali Smo Metal).

In 2008 they released an album called Sonic Gastronomy Volume 1 on Moonlee Records.

Members:Digitus, El Cathedralico, Gorgonzol Matadores, Juan Pablo Pe De Rigad, Manolo Mago Porco, Senor José


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