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RS 08.20, RS-08.20 X-Pression - This Is Our Night album art X-Pression This Is Our Night (Maxi) Roughmix RS 08.20, RS-08.20 Spain 1994 Sell This Version
RTD 176 2115 0 17 X-Pression - There Is A Light album art X-Pression There Is A Light (Maxi) Roughmix, Roughmix RTD 176 2115 0 17 Germany 1995 Sell This Version
574 541-1 X-Pression - Riding On A Wave album art X-Pression Riding On A Wave (Maxi) Mercury 574 541-1 Germany 1997 Sell This Version

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July 21, 2014
The music video for X-Pression - Riding On A Wave is missing for more than 15 years...
Will anyone upload it ? Or is there anyone who remembers it ?

The thing puzzles me... as the music video was pretty innovative for its time - aka 23.05.1997 .
Beautiful and sensual Toyya Atkinson playing on a simulator and having fun...

Let me refresh your memory...
An action video was played in the well lit hall on the simulator watercraft racing machine.
The main character was a dark-skinned female singer dressed in a silver bathing suit.
This woman was having fun.

I also remembered that in the video was a young dark-skinned man who watched her from above.

Euro House
It was the music video, which first appeared during the year 23.05.1997.

Music video debuted on television on various music channels.
I've been looking for the band name and the title of this song.

This video was full of action, was played in the hall, lit in green and blue.

There were a lot of TV screens that served as the panels on the walls, the fan, shown next to the central simulator jet racing (racing game)
provided a cool air effect.

The main character was a singer, beautiful dark-skinned woman dressed in silver bathing suit and a white bathrobe.
She zipped the suit herself, and then checked her yellow swimming goggles. She had silver-coloured lips.

The verses were sensual and peaceful but still dynamic.

There were a lot of shots of the screens, cameras, and the woman.
The dynamic approach, in general.

I also remember that the boy appeared in the video in a white t-shirt and trousers, He observed her closely, standing above her on the stairs.
Then he went down the stairs. Had his rhythm section in mid-song. And then his head was displayed on the TV screen and he disappeared.

At the end of this song, the girl won second place in this race .

I tried to ask a lot of people ... It was a popular video- precursor of promoting arcade games in music videos.

I have found it today-now I can stop clinging to the past- or can I ?

X-Pression - Riding On A Wave - why is the music video gone ?

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