Immoral Discipline

Real Name:
Immoral Discipline
Old school American Oi!Core band from Washington D.C. formed in November 1986 by the singer Shawn Garard and guitarist Bill Gerber; a short time later Jimmy Wood joined on bass but he was stabbed to death before the band’s third practice together. Shawn and Bill recruited John Allen on bass and drummer Bryan Kelly (who was in another local band Bill played for called What Happened?) to play a benefit show in Jimmy's memory. The Jimmy Wood Memorial Concert took place on December 14, 1986 at D.C.'s Hung Jury Pub.
This first incarnation of Immoral Discipline played two sets; Bryan stayed on as the bands drummer, later replaced by "Bhatman", and Todd Greene joined the band as a permanent bass player, staying on until the bands end.
In November 1987 Immoral Discipline recorded their first songs on the demo tape "Boots And Braces, Stars And Stripes", with Bill Meeks (of Fort Lauderdale, FL band, Bad Rep) as additional rhythm guitarist, replaced in 1988 by Brian Robinson; this line-up recorded the only records released in the late 80's, the 'Battlefield' E.P. (1988) and 'Immoral Discipline' E.P. (1989):
Shawn Garard: lead vocals
Bill Gerber: lead Guitar
Todd Greene: bass
Brian Robinson: rhythm guitar
"Bhatman": drums
Immoral Discipline became a staple in the American Oi!
The final line-up change took place with "Bhatman" and Brian moving to California. "Raven" was added on drums, and Chris Bodeen (who also played for D.C. band, Union Strike) was added as the band's rhythm guitarist. This final incarnation of Immoral Discipline played several shows together and recorded 12 songs in the studio that were planned on being released as an LP, 'Turmoil Years' (recordings remained unreleased untill 2008).
The band broke up in August of 1989.

In 2011 Shawn reformed Immoral Discipline.

Line up 1986-1989:
Shawn Garard - lead vocals
Bill Gerber aka Spook - lead guitar
Todd Greene - bass [1987-1989]
Chris Bodeen - rhythm guitar [1989]
"Raven" - drums [1989]
"Bhatman" - drums [1987-1989]
Brian Robinson - rhythm guitar [1988-1989]
Bill Meeks - rhythm guitar [1987-1988]
Bryan Kelly - drums [1987]
Mike Birnbach - rhythm guitar [1987]
John Allen - bass [1986]
James Stephan Wood [R.I.P.] - bass [1986]

Line-up since 2011:
Shawn Garard Leahy - lead vocals
John Schmitt - lead guitar, vocals
Nick Thompson - bass, vocals
Bill Nuckols - drums, vocals [since 2014]
Len Bannach - rhythm guitar, vocals [2012-2014]
Phil Watkins - drums, vocals [2012-2014]
Chris Best - rhythm guitar, vocals [2011]
Tommi Rodd Butinelli - drums, vocals [2011]
Bill Gerber - lead guitar [Sep. 3rd, 2011 at the '2000 Tons of TNT' fest]


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