Artful Dodger


UK garage production duo from Southampton.
The original team comprised of Mark Hill and Pete Devereux.
In 2001, Hill and Devereux parted ways due to creative differences and the trademark, name and usage rights of Artful Dodger was purchased by Blessed Records (2).
Capitalising on the significant live demand for the group, the owner of Blessed Records DJ Dave Low accompanied by MC Alistair adopted the name, in essence creating a cover band. They continue to tour under the name Artful Dodger to this day, performing the music of Hill and Devereux frequently in their sets.
Hill and Devereux reunited in 2017 but were unable to release new music or perform under their own name so formed Original Dodger.

Sites:Facebook , Instagram
Members:Alistair Julius, Dave Low, Mark Hill, Pete Devereux
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