Robert Shea

Real Name:Robert Shea

Robert published music magazines (over 40 issues), and wrote articles, interviews, and reviews for dozens of magazines. He hosted radio programs on CiTR FM from 1983 through 2002.

He deejayed in clubs and parties from 1985 until 2002, was a resident at Graceland Vancouver from 1987 - 1993, and had gigs all over North America and Europe.

Robert guided and promoted independent artists and producers. He spent time in the American music biz working for Silent/Pulse Soniq (San Francisco 1994 - 1995) and as Harthouse Label Manager for Eye Q (Los Angeles 1995 - 1996).

Robert ran record label Map Music (Vancouver 1996 – 2002), releasing 5 CDs of west coast electronica.

Lately he’s been working on his own music, his solo debut "Logical" and the follow up EP “Post Logical” are available on iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify, and his self-published book "Discotext Magazine" is available via Amazon.
In Groups:Body Of Light
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