Jerry Harrison

Real Name:Jeremiah Griffin Harrison

American musician and producer, born February 21, 1949 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Jerry Harrison is best known as a former member of The Modern Lovers (1971 to 1974) and Talking Heads, where he played guitar and keyboards from 1976 until 1991 when the band split up, between 1981 and 1990 he also recorded three solo albums; two under the name Jerry Harrison: Casual Gods. He owns a recording studio called Sausalito Sound. As of 1991 he has turned his attention to producing and has worked on a number of successful albums by Violent Femmes, Crash Test Dummies and Live. In the early 2020s Harrison and Talking Heads touring member Adrian Belew started a live tour tribute to Remain In Light, playing the iconic 1980 record.

Note: releases with Casual Gods and similar should therefore be submitted under the Jerry Harrison: Casual Gods PAN as the artist himself stated that he considered them to be a new band of their own at the time. , Facebook , Imdb , Instagram , , Wikipedia ,
In Groups:Bonzo Goes To Washington, Escalators (2), Jerry Harrison: Casual Gods, Talking Heads, The Flying Hearts, The Heads, The Modern Lovers
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