Pinpoint duck-stab

August 6, 2018
edited over 3 years ago
I've recently rediscovered an old (demo looking) Pinpoint cassette that has been in my collection for a number of years now. There are 13 previously released tracks on it which includes all the 'Third State' album and the bonus 12''. All tracks differ to the official release and in my view they sound so much better and far more raw. It would make sense get this tape to a band member if they don't already have it, as it still sounds great and deserves professional treatment for a future release. If any band member is interested just contact me and I will gladly send the tape on to you. I have a lossless rip of it backed up of course.

Pinpoint Sidnancy1

June 23, 2019
Hi sir this is arthur billingsley of pinpoint here aka arturo bassick of the lurkers and 999,
Now i had the casssette of which u speak
Would you be as kind as to send me a copy of it
Im happy to pay you for postage my facebook is arturo bassick email [email protected] .
Please get in touch
Thank you