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AYA: An Australian band of the mid 1990s making dark offbeat electronica aka. intelligent dance music (IDM). AYA tracks were often based on analogue-synthesizers; being loosely associated with the Clan Analogue collective of Canberra and Sydney. By around 2000 the AYA project evolved in to the E.L.F. and Elf projects - all being offshoot side projects of Eye (3). The groups performed live numerous times, songs were played on radio - including national radio stations like Triple J (Australia) - and tracks were released on 40+ compilation albums under the related project titles (ie. "AYA", "elf", "E.L.F.", "EYE" & "DJ Citizen"). All projects were on the independent "Blatant Propaganda" record label for dark alternative electronic music. Other information and music about AYA is available at care-of with audio hosted at , , Bandcamp
Aliases:DJ Citizen, E.L.F., Elf, Eye (3), J. Citizen, QT (10), XELF
Members:DJ Citizen


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