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Peter Keller
Since 1993 Bacillus has been spreading virulent sonic pathogens on an unsuspecting population. It serves as the vanguard to the retaliation of nature against the rampant overpopulation, pollution and consumption of humankind. The current standard practice of medicine and disease control is severely lacking, leaving much of the public immunodeficient and vulnerable to epidemic disasters. More and more diseases are becoming drug-resistant through overuse of antibiotics, leaving people with little options to combat the more virulent and fatal strains that are cropping up on a more regular basis. In 1997 the laboratories that monitor, study and catalog the constantly mutating strains from Bacillus moved from Ohio to Seattle where the hot zone of activity is currently centered. Bacillus activity is currently sporadic, occasionally going into remission, but resurfaces unexpectedly. There is no known cure for Bacillus.
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(sic 58) Bacillus - Anthracis album art Bacillus Anthracis(CDr, B/card, Ltd) Cipher Productions (sic 58) Australia 2010 Sell This Version

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