One of techno's most celebrated and accomplished partnerships, the brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll trace their beginnings as Orbital back to the late 1980's, when their first single, "Chime" was released on Oh-Zone/FFRR and broke into the British Top 20 in the spring of 1990. The single was made in their garage using their father's four-track recorder and mastered directly onto cassette, but became a smash hit, giving them the momentum for a handful of other singles and their untitled first CD (the "green album") in 1991.

Their career took off in 1993-1994, with the release of the EPs "Lush" and "Radiccio" and their second untitled album (the "brown album"), which took the public by storm and made the UK Top 30. They also continued to hone their famous live act, which featured live projections, live musical arranging and sequencing on the fly, making their shows entertaining, improvised and truly "live". Their appearance at the 1994 Glastonbury Festival in the UK became the stuff of legend and cemented their reputation as one of the best techno groups of the 1990's. Their subsequent albums saw them taking a more varied, introspective angle to their music, while at the same time captivating audiences worldwide with their relentlessly energetic live shows. In addition to their own productions, they have done remixes for EMF, Queen Latifah, Meat Beat Manifesto, Madonna, Kraftwerk and more. More recently, they compiled a volume for the 'Back To Mine' series, released a retrospective compilation called 'Work', and put out the 'Blue Album'.

In mid-2004, Orbital released the single, "One Perfect Sunrise", and then seemingly split up for good.

However, after several years of solo production, Paul & Phil reunited in 2009, and a long series of live gigs followed, as well as the single, "Don't Stop Me" / "The Gun Is Good".

Orbital released the album "Wonky" in 2012.

On October 21st 2014, Orbital announced that they had split up for good again.

Reformed as of 31st January 2017.
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Orbital Discography


Orbital Orbital (Album) FFRR Europe 1991 Sell This Version
Orbital Orbital (Album) Internal, Internal US 1993 Sell This Version
Orbital Snivilisation (Album, Single) Internal, Internal Japan 1994 Sell This Version
Orbital In Sides (Album, Comp, Single) Internal, Internal, Internal UK & Europe 1996 Sell This Version
Michael Kamen & Orbital Michael Kamen & Orbital - Event Horizon (Selections From The Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Album) London Records US 1997 Sell This Version
Orbital The Middle Of Nowhere (Album) FFRR, FFRR, FFRR US 1999 Sell This Version
Orbital The Altogether (Album) FFRR Brazil 2001 Sell This Version
Orbital Octane (Original Soundtrack Score) (Album) EMI, EMI UK 2003 Sell This Version
Orbital Blue Album (Album) Orbital Music North America (inc Mexico) 2004 Sell This Version
Orbital Live At Glastonbury 1994 - 2004 ACP Recordings US 2007 Sell This Version
none Orbital 19th September 2009, Manchester Academy, England(M/Stick, MP3, 224) Not On Label (Orbital Self-Released) none UK 2009 Sell This Version
Orbital Wonky (Album) ACP Recordings, ACP Recordings Australia 2012 Sell This Version
Orbital Pusher (Album) Silva Screen UK 2012 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Orbital Chime / Deeper (Single, Maxi) Oh'Zone Records UK 1989 Sell This Version
Orbital Omen (Single) FFRR, FFRR, FFRR, FFRR UK 1990 Sell This Version
Orbital Midnight / Choice (Maxi, Single) FFRR, FFRR UK & Europe 1991 Sell This Version
none Orbital Belfast(Acetate, 7") Master Room none UK 1991 Sell This Version
Orbital III (Single, EP) FFRR, FFRR, FFRR, FFRR UK & Europe 1991 Sell This Version
5001 703 Orbital / Banderas Orbital / Banderas - Satan / This Is Your Life(12", Promo) PolyGram 5001 703 Italy 1991 Sell This Version
2146 Orbital Special Rave(12", Maxi, Promo) FFRR 2146 France 1991 Sell This Version
Orbital Radiccio (EP, Single) Internal, Internal UK 1992 Sell This Version
Orbital Halcyon (Maxi) FFRR US 1992 Sell This Version
Orbital Mutations (EP) FFRR, FFRR UK & Europe 1992 Sell This Version
162 351 001-1DJ, 351-001-1DJ Orbital Orbital(12", Smplr, Promo) FFRR, FFRR 162 351 001-1DJ, 351-001-1DJ US 1992 Sell This Version
Orbital Impact - The Remix (Single) FFRR US 1993 Sell This Version

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February 15, 2017
The Hartnoll brothers will always be remembered for being true electronic music pioneers. :-)


January 13, 2017
With an ear for delicate electronic textures and earth-shattering breaks, Orbital became an unrivaled force in dance music in the 1990s. As likely to drop a crass sample as a gently caressing synthline, their elaborate tracks are orchestrated with incredible attention to minute detail but often fit into the greater whole of an album's worth of material. They move from chill room atmospheres of tickling rhythms and feather-light melodies to ripping beats that rebound against frazzled synthlines.
Orbital never descend into New Age fluff or hardcore macho aggression. While their tracks are exacting demonstrations of studio mastery and performance wit, they achieve equilibrium between mindful headphone music and kinetic body inspiration. Phil and Paul Hartnoll's final release as Orbital is 2004's Blue Album.


August 5, 2015
went to south africa in 2001 for the solipse festival and the orb playing live wicked one of my best hoildays


April 21, 2015
edited over 2 years ago
An encyclopaedia of electronic perfection!!! End of!!!


October 29, 2014
Good bye, again !


October 28, 2010
Orbital are back ladies and gentlemen. Go see them now while you can!


November 8, 2005
edited over 11 years ago
Orbital will, indeed, be sadly missed, as I late comer to them I missed quite a lot of them in fact, but I feel a made up for it towards the end. Anyway, seeing them close out Glastonbury 2004 was possibly the defining moment of my electronic music life. The perfect eurphoria they conjured up on such a vast scale was just amazing. Just hearing Satan at a volume loud enough to drown out a plane taking off has made life a worthwhile experience, that and the Dr. Who theme. Tracks like Lush 3.1 and 3.2 and Impact will never get old, while newer ones like Funny Break will get even less old, as they are more recent...Orbital, so much better than a motorway.


January 29, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
Orbital will be hugely missed! From the day I first took a gamble on their Brown Album in 1997, I was simply enthralled, and I've really never been able to find any other music that can make me feel the same way. As I got to know electronic music more and more, cracking open one of their CD's was a rare pleasure - their albums just brimmed with ideas and were held together by solid musicianship. They helped push the idea of "album techno" forward in the 90's, and their live performances took punters all around the world by storm. Quite simply, Orbital had a run that was second to none, and if you haven't yet heard their music, then you ought to!! Respect is certainly due.


May 5, 2002
In my opinion, Orbital are one of, if not the most inspirational band in the world of electronic music. From the grounbreaking first single "Chime" they have continued to develope and change their style, and only ever repeat themselves because the fans want them to. They proved beyond any doubt that electonic music could be as emotional as any other form of music on their "In Sides" album, but can still demolish dancefloors - check out their new track "Frenetic" if you don't beleive me.

If you are interested in Orbital, loopz.co.uk has all the information you will ever need.


May 1, 2002
Orbital produce some of the most textured techno music around today, although some might say that their latest album, "The Altogether", is a bit rawer than their previous offerings. Their best album is probably 1996's "Insides", where the brothers Hartnoll manage to create one of the most incredibly lush and detailed soundscapes ever produced by electronic means. Although their albums rock, possibly with the exception of "Insides" which is more of a chilled out record, to hear Orbital at their best necessitates a trip to a live gig. Playing all the tracks live (ok, some of it is pre-recorded and mixed and sequenced live) means that they can fuck around with the album tracks to keep the crowd amazed and jumping - for a prime example of their skill, listen to the live version of Halcyon from their Middle of Nowhere tour. This can be found in the live section of their official (and ace) website - www.loopz.co.uk. Enjoy!

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