Orbital as reviewed by -MINDustry-

August 9, 2019
My second favourite electronic act behind FSOL. These guys are masters of sound in their own right. Of course, their 90's string of albums can't be beat. Especially Snivilisation and The Brown Album which anybody who is into electronic music should have in their collection. Just a really talented duo. The only bad album is The Altogether because it was kind of random and I'm not a huge fan of their 2010's output but I can forgive that because they've aged well and are still fun to listen to.

Orbital normanharvey

July 19, 2019
two brothers strangely with two different eye colors :-) One of them has brown eyes and the other blue eyes

Orbital Monkfish2

October 4, 2020
Not even remotely unusual. . . . . . .

Orbital as reviewed by normanharvey

July 19, 2019
Great band. In 1997 they released a video which had a lot of airplay on MTV THE SAINT where they had their heads in their bags and ate hamburgers and Fries and drank coke

Orbital Makavelinine6

January 8, 2019
edited about 1 year ago
By far my favorite group. No other artists come remotely close in this genre or in music period. I think of them more as the Mozart and Beethoven of modern music (ie non-classical). Their tracks are usually upwards of 7 minutes, have a high degree of musical complexity combined with euphoric melodies that unless present, would create musical entropy instead of unsurpassed musical intelligence. Quite simply put, they make Rave/Techno music for nerds. The term "Intelligent Dance Music" is frequently associated with them. I really think it's more that it's not that you can't dance to it, but the music is better appreciated sitting down or on a long car ride where you can just, think, as their songs usually contain long but subtle harmonious vocals or next to no vocals at all. Similar artists would be The Prodigy, Underworld, The Orb, The Future Sound of London, Aphex Twin, Chemical Brothers, Hybrid and many more. If you want to get into Orbital you should start off with Orbital 2/Brown Album which contains their most known song "Halcyon." This is the song that got me hooked. It's a soothing and transcending voyage into musical bliss (the song is named after the sleep medicine that their mother would often take). Other notable standout songs include Chime, Belfast, Lush, The Box, Know Where To Run and Funny Break (One is Enough). I stopped buying albums after "The Blue Album" because what they've done prior to that just can not be replicated. My favorite album is Snivilisation for it's dark, sci-fi dystopian feel. Each album has a different theme or feel. It's up to you to interpret it.

Orbital -MINDustry-

August 9, 2019
edited about 1 year ago
You could categorize Snivilisation as IDM. It has some of those elements to it. At least what I hear. Some of it sounds rather complex. Aphex is definetley IDM. Orbital are a mix of things I think, but whatever they are you know their sound when you hear it. I only got started listening to them in 2013 and I agree, I don't want to see them disband. They can still make good music which can't be said for most of the older acts.

Whatever they are, you just don't get this kind of quality anymore when you compare them to today's "EDM" acts like Aviicii or whatever. That music takes little to no skill or thought to make. This stuff on the other hand is art. I wish MTV brought AMP back but we all know that MTV doesn't even feature music on it's network anymore.

Orbital dunstable

January 19, 2019
Agree 99.9%. I'm not sure they've been tagged as IDM. That realm is for Aphex and the like. I think it's almost impossible to tag Orbital's music in a genre. Been listening to them since 1990 and I rue the day that they will actually *really* disband for good. Couple of vodkas and listening to the new London live CD and just loving it...

Orbital -MINDustry-

January 9, 2019
I totally agree with you. This music is both at the same time intelligent yet it is catchy and can take you on a trip with songs like Lush 3-1 and 3-2 or Are We Here?

Today's electronic music is utter shit compared to what these guys were doing in the 90s.

Orbital dominickillworth

October 13, 2018
edited over 2 years ago
New Album Title Trivia - "If Monsters Exist It Was Buried Deep Within" is a line said by Jim Broadbent in Harry Potter 6 : Half Blood Prince. I only know this as just watched the movie lol. "The Raid" also samples Michael Gambon although not sure where from and the closing sentence "There's A Growing Need..." is Sir Michael Fallon MP of Sevenoaks, the Hartnoll's home town :-)

Orbital wildblunthickok

July 27, 2020
Do you have any proof that this is what they were referencing with the title? It could just be random coincidence. I assumed the title was talking about the rise of neo-nazis and other race-hate groups in the wake of both Trump and Boris becoming world leaders.

Orbital freakaz0id

September 14, 2018
Is anyone familiar with a version of Lush which has a record scratch at the beginning of 3-1 and end of 3-2? I have it on an old mix tape someone else made but am not sure if it's an official mix or the person who made it added it. It matches the scratch from the album version but it's longer; about 2 seconds in length.

Orbital Jarren

July 25, 2018
edited over 2 years ago
For me, the defining track of Orbital's career is "Out There Somewhere?".

24 minutes long, and you savour every single second. You're thrown in all directions emotionally, and are more than happy to be flung.

Simply incredible.