Real Name:
Sylvain Van Roeselare
French Deep-House/Techno/Nu Jazz DJ & Producer.
A&R of digital label Flying Flowers Records.

AstroFlower Activity

JaZzFx is the captain of the space-time vehicle called "Astro Flower". (check Flying Flowers Records for more infos.) He crosses frequently the cosmic universe to give some flowers to aliens from many solar systems. During a trip into the Capricornus galaxy, he meets a dj/producer nammed "P.W.9". This little green "man" said that Capricornus alien djs don't play vinyl because they are very sensitive to the pitch distortion of the musical notes! P.W.9 and his friends BUY (in this galaxy nobody make illegal downloads... the human label & producers paradise! ) a lot of recent human music like Deep House, Deep Techno, Detroit, Cosmic Dub... P.W.9 also organizes aquatic parties with aliens from Andomède called "red fishes" caused they have a red skin and live in water. These sympathic green & red "men" asked JaZzFx to make some tracks for their next after party. Through a very dense fog, JaZzFx made the 3 tracks EP "Swim With A Red Fish At 7am"...

Earth radio activity

You can listen jazzfx's radio mixes each Monday (23:59-0:59 GMT+1) on web live streaming (galaxiefm.com) and microwave network (95.3 FM / Northern France)


JaZzFx is self-taught. He started playing in public in 1994 and mixes fifty underground evening shows where he develops his technique. In 1998, during an acoustic and electronic live by Carl Craig, JaZzFx met Jazz, after sharing the decks with Derrick May four years before. Today, it is a hybrid sound that he presents in his "dancefloor" oriented mixes, on the border of Deep House, Deep Techno, Detroit and Cosmic Dub. His composition work is based on an architecture where chords and patterns inspired by Jazz express themselves through electronic sound atmospheres in which tension and relaxation follow each other. In his own words, he seeks to create a music stimulating for the body and relaxing for the mind. Combining the basslines grooves, deep space chords, hypnotic dub delays, asynchronous patterns and polyrhythms, the purely instrumental result releases a large space to imagination. For that, he relies on his experience of electronic music and his analytical work of Jazz.



FLFL01 JAZZFX - Swim With A Red Fish At 6am album art JaZzFx Swim With A Red Fish At 6am(4xFile, MP3) Flying Flowers Records FLFL01 France 2008
FLFL07 JAZZFX - Swim With A Red Fish At 7am album art Jazzfx Swim With A Red Fish At 7am(3xFile, WAV) Flying Flowers Records FLFL07 France 2010