Anarchy (2)

Anarchy (アナーキー) was an influential punk rock band from Japan that formed in 1978. Their name came from Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the UK" and the band originally had five members. One of them was arrested in 1981 and the rest continued as The Rock Band (2) for a few years, but it did not really work out that well and they became inactive after a while. In 1996 they reformed as Anarchy with a new drummer, released a few albums, but eventually disbanded in 2001. They played a few one-off shows at events since and in 2008 a documentary premiered about the band.



Anarchy (2) - '80維新 album art Anarchy (2) '80維新 (Album) Invitation Japan 1980 Sell This Version
Anarchy (2) - アナーキー album art アナーキー* アナーキー (Album) Invitation Japan 1980 Sell This Version
Anarchy (2) - Ready Steady Go album art Anarchy (2) Ready Steady Go (Album) Invitation Japan 1981 Sell This Version
Anarchy (2) - アナーキー・シティ album art アナーキー* アナーキー・シティ (Album) Invitation Japan 1981 Sell This Version
Anarchy (2) - Live album art Anarchy (2) Live (Album) Invitation Japan 1982 Sell This Version
VIH-28097 Anarchy (2) - Anarchism album art アナーキー* Anarchism(LP, Album) Invitation VIH-28097 Japan 1982 Sell This Version
Anarchy (2) - Rebel Yell album art Anarchy (2) Rebel Yell (Album) Invitation Japan 1983 Sell This Version
Anarchy (2) - デラシネ album art Anarchy (2) デラシネ (Album) Invitation Japan 1984 Sell This Version
VIH-28209 Anarchy (2) - Beat Up Generation album art Anarchy (2) Beat Up Generation(LP, Album) Invitation VIH-28209 Japan 1985 Sell This Version
C.C.R-009 Anarchy (2) - Anarchy Live 1994 album art Anarchy (2) Anarchy Live 1994(CD, Album) 日本晴 Records C.C.R-009 Japan 1994 Sell This Version
VICL-60123 Anarchy (2) ディンゴ(CD, Album) Invitation VICL-60123 Japan 1997 Sell This Version
VICL-60210 Anarchy (2) - Anarchy Syndrome [Live] album art アナーキー* Anarchy Syndrome [Live](CD, Album) Invitation VICL-60210 Japan 1998 Sell This Version
VICL-60397 Anarchy (2) Paradox(CD, Album) Invitation VICL-60397 Japan 1999 Sell This Version
CRCP-40560 Anarchy (2) - パンクロックの奴隷 album art 亜無亜危異* パンクロックの奴隷(CD, MiniAlbum + DVD-V, NTSC, Reg) Crown Stones CRCP-40560 Japan 2018 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

VIH-1073 Anarchy (2) - ノット・サティスファイド = Not Satisfied album art アナーキー* ノット・サティスファイド = Not Satisfied(7", Single) Invitation VIH-1073 Japan 1980 Sell This Version
VIHX-1508 Anarchy (2) - シティ・サーファー album art 亜無亜危異* シティ・サーファー(7") Invitation VIHX-1508 Japan 1980 Sell This Version


VDR-5285 亜無亜危異* 亜無亜危異 Vol.1(CD, Comp) Invitation VDR-5285 Japan 1989 Sell This Version
VICL-60124 Anarchy (2) - The Last Of 亜無亜危異 album art Anarchy (2) The Last Of 亜無亜危異(CD, Comp) Victor VICL-60124 Japan 1997 Sell This Version
NCS-756 Anarchy (2) - Super Best album art Anarchy (2) Super Best(CD, Comp) Ivy Records (5) NCS-756 Japan 2010 Sell This Version


JCVI-001 Anarchy (2) - History Of Anarchy album art Anarchy (2) = アナーキー* Anarchy (2) = アナーキー* - History Of Anarchy(VHS) 日本晴 Records JCVI-001 Japan 1996 Sell This Version

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