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Dennis Achmad Rufaro Bonam
The alias 'Faro' is derived from my third name 'Rufaro' and reflects my African descend. It also is a tribute to the beautiful shores of Faro, Portugal. A place, like many other beautiful shores in the world, that inspires me while making Ambient/Lounge and Downtempo music. At age 17, I started experimenting with music on my computer, using nothing but VST plug-ins and some old samples. Discovering different genres, from R&B to Rock, I soon embarked the fascinating soundscapes of the Lounge world. Influenced by great artists/producers like Rue de Soleil, Patrick O'hearn, Afterlife and Pat Metheny I have reached a very personal style with roots in both Lounge and R&B. Genre, however, is a boundless conception and expands beyond that what is familiar. Every soundscape is different, with different images and emotions coloring its realm. What I try to produce is a fine, soothing setting to ease the restless spirit.

Living in the Netherlands, I find that Lounge music lingers humbly at the background, touching lives and daily habits in many different ways. It isn’t obviously present, nor is it completely absent. It provides space to meditate and to dwell on different cloudy shades, without any disturbance or inconvenience. For me, Lounge music offers the melody that has been lost during the effort of containing it. Music should have an image contained or even a story to tell. It should carry an emotion or provoke an irrational thought. Either abstract, conceptional or blunt.

I hope that the music I carry is elegant in such a way that it drives restless emotions to produce a calm and tender atmosphere. One that can either stir up some profound, inner clarity or that can let you breath in the serenity your peace-hunger soul craves for. I also hope to bring Lounge and R&B closer, for I believe both genres share many relaxing elements.
Studying economics and finance, music is not the only priority in my life. It is not really my endeavor to become widely successful as an artist. I will, however, try to continue spreading my sound and thoughts and exploring different styles provided by other artists. Music is a wonderful way to express one self, yet it should, just like Lounge, linger humbly at the background.

Release of Faro's debut album "Shape of Sense":

March 24th 2009 on iTunes. Other portals: May/June 2009
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