Faith No More


An American rock band from San Francisco, California.

The genesis of Faith No More was formed in late 1981 as Sharp Young Men, which then turned into Faith. No Man.. Faith No More was started in September 1983 by Roddy Bottum, Billy Gould and Mike Bordin.

Since their longtime guitarist Jim Martin left the group in 1993, the band had trouble finding a permanent guitarist. This and band members’ commitments to other musical projects led to to the group disbanding in April 1998.

In February 2009 Faith No More announced their reunion as a touring entity. Their 7th album Sol Invictus was released in 2015.

Current line-up:
Billy Gould - Bass (1983–1998, 2009– )
Mike Bordin - Drums (1983–1998, 2009– )
Roddy Bottum - Keyboards (1983–1998, 2009– )
Mike Patton - Vocals (1988–1998, 2009– )
Jon Hudson - Guitar (1996–1998, 2009– ) , Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram , Wikipedia , X
Aliases:Faith. No Man., Sharp Young Men
Members:Billy Gould, Chuck Mosley, Courtney Love, Craig Shell, Dean Menta, Desmond Shea, Jake Smith (6), Jim Martin, Joe Callahan (3), Jon Hudson, Mark Bowen, Mark Stewart (32), Mike Bordin, Mike Patton, Paula Frazer, Roddy Bottum, Trey Spruance, Walter O'Brien (3)
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