Matt Schwartz

Real Name:Matt Schwartz

UK-based Artist, producer, songwriter and a prolific audio engineer.
Matt has worked with Massive Attack, Arthur Baker, Mica Paris, JTQ, Selah Sue, Kylie Minogue, Cheryl, All Tvvins, and a host of other artists, while having his own success under different alises such as The Drill (2), M'Black, M (8) and Dada) and a founding member of Deepest Blue, 4Tune 500 and M-Gee.
Matt's Destined Records label and Destined Studios is based in London, UK.

Sites:Facebook , X , Wikipedia
Aliases:Asmodeus, Crackdown (3), Dada, M (8), M' Black, Mad Matt, Nova (8), Orielle, Quantom, Shakecraft, Soul Shaker, Surgery, TBC, The Drill (2)
In Groups:4Tune 500, Antarctica (3), Deepest Blue, Firetruck, InDirect, Nine Lives, Saviour, Shine (2), Smokescreen, UATM Russkaya Ruletka, UnBalanced, Zoom (3)
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