Triana (2)

Real Name:TRIANA

Andalusian Rock band, founded in Seville, Spain, in 1974.
The beginning of the band was Tabaca, a band founded by Carlos Attias, Miguel Ríos' bassist, Emilio Souto, singer on "Los Solitarios" and Eduardo Rodriguez, guitarist from Los Payos. After Attias gave up, Jesús de la Rosa joined as bassist and singer in 1973, forming a trio imitating "Crosby, Stills & Nash", and produced by Johnny Galvao. Emilio Souto went to join Moncho Alpuente in Desde Santurce A Bilbao Blues Band, and the rest with Juan José Palacios, "Tele", would found "Triana". On first line-up was also Manuel Molina and Dolores Montoya, but they soon quit to settle as a duo, Lole Y Manuel.

Tragically, "Triana"'s life ended in 1983, when Jesús de la Rosa died in a car accident. The band disappeared but in the late 90's "Tele" decided to return as "Triana", without Eduardo Rodríguez (who disapproved the idea) and with a group of friends. They released two more albums before his death, in 2002.

But even then the band didn't disappeared: in 2007 Tele's widow (who had the legal rights over the name) gave her approval to a new re-foundation and the band, now in a hard-rock vein, returned to scene. , Wikipedia
Members:Andrés Herrera Ruiz, Eduardo Rodríguez Rodway, Jesus Arispont, Jesús De La Rosa, Juan J. Palacios, Juan Reina, Julián Planet, Luis Cobo "Manglis", Rafael "Foky" Quesada, Rafael Guillermo
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