Hüsker Dü kingtim666

March 29, 2019
edited 3 months ago
Up to the album New Day Rising they were one of my all time favorite bands. Those albums all still stand up as good today as they ever were. The albums that came after I didn't enjoy because Bob started to actually sing, and I much preferred his primal yelling of the lyrics to when he tried to sing. They just sounded like a "college radio alternative" band to me after NDR. It actually took me quite a few years to realize how good NDR is, before I would have stopped at Zen Arcade, but I picked up NDR one time on cd about 10 or so years ago, and really liked it. Everything Falls Apart And More cd is still my favorite though. I absolutely love the In A Free Land ep. I used to have the single for Eight Miles High, which I still love as well. Such great songwriting and execution from a 3 piece, they were just one of the greats of that era, hands down.

Hüsker Dü dpaulku

September 14, 2017
Grant Hart 1961 - 2017 R.I.P. Late Wednesday or early today, Grant passed away after a
bout with cancer. He was always nice to me...

Hüsker Dü Stranger_Rekids

September 14, 2017
Huge loss. He died wayyy too early. Stellar human being and a talent that will be sorely missed. RIP and FUCK cancer.

Hüsker Dü as reviewed by Alastis

March 8, 2006
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One of quintessential 80s band which is rarely mentioned anywhere (although they were mentioned on VH1 100 Greatest Artists Artists of Hard Rock). Their music was inhumanely fast (witness their first record, live album "Land Speed Record" which was just a taster of what's to come), but had a traditional pop structure beneath the surface. Its a crying shame that they quit too early due to Grant Hart acting like an idiot, but in my book they remain one of the strongest hardcore/alternative bands that ever came to life.

Hüsker Dü minxler

June 27, 2018
I think Bob was also being a over zealous asshole!