Massdirge is black new age, dense, dimensional sound born of cosmic energy with meditative applications.

The name "Massdirge" was officially berthed circa 2003 by David Levy Doktor. Massdirge remains the solo production of David Levy Doktor.



TGM007 Massdirge - Deep Freeze Trauma Holocaust (V2) album art Massdirge Deep Freeze Trauma Holocaust (V2)(CDr, Album) Voidstar Productions TGM007 US 2005 Sell This Version
TGM010 Massdirge - So Many Shitty Memories, So Much Time. album art Massdirge So Many Shitty Memories, So Much Time.(CDr, Album) Voidstar Productions TGM010 US 2007 Sell This Version
TGM017 Massdirge - 2012 album art Massdirge 2012(CDr, Album) Voidstar Productions TGM017 US 2012 Sell This Version
TGM020 Massdirge - 2013 album art Massdirge 2013(File, AIFF, Album) Voidstar Productions TGM020 US 2013
D002 Massdirge - Engineering / Realms album art Massdirge Engineering / Realms(File, AIFF, Album) Dimensionalineage D002 US 2015
DSR59, D001 Massdirge - Unseen / Horrors album art Massdirge Unseen / Horrors(Cass, Album, S/Edition, C64 + File, AIFF, Album) Danvers State Recordings, Dimensionalineage DSR59, D001 US 2015 Sell This Version
D005 Massdirge - Ritualms album art Massdirge Ritualms(File, AIFF, Album) Dimensionalineage D005 US 2016
D007 Massdirge - Aumhum album art Massdirge Aumhum(File, AIFF, Album) Dimensionalineage D007 US 2016
D004 Massdirge - Ashenvision album art Massdirge Ashenvision(4xFile, AIFF, Album) Dimensionalineage D004 2016
D006 Massdirge - Xurusz album art Massdirge Xurusz(File, AIFF, Album) Dimensionalineage D006 US 2016
D003 Massdirge - Dichotomyst album art Massdirge Dichotomyst(4xFile, AIFF, Album) Dimensionalineage D003 US 2016
D012 Massdirge - Kaathdraal album art Massdirge Kaathdraal(File, AIFF, Album) Dimensionalineage D012 US 2017
D011 Massdirge - Divini album art Massdirge Divini(File, AIFF, Album) Dimensionalineage D011 US 2017
D010 Massdirge - Ruinih album art Massdirge Ruinih(File, AIFF, Album) Dimensionalineage D010 US 2017
D008 Massdirge - Ancients album art Massdirge Ancients(File, AIFF, Album) Dimensionalineage D008 US 2017
D009 Massdirge - Scryptures album art Massdirge Scryptures(File, AIFF, Album) Dimensionalineage D009 US 2017


TGM009 Massdirge - Live At Hell Lab 4 album art Massdirge Live At Hell Lab 4(DVDr) Voidstar Productions TGM009 US 2006 Sell This Version
TGM014 Massdirge - Live At Mos Eisley album art Massdirge Live At Mos Eisley(DVDr) Voidstar Productions TGM014 US 2010 Sell This Version
TGM019 Massdirge - Live At Radio Upstairs album art Massdirge Live At Radio Upstairs(DVDr) Voidstar Productions TGM019 US 2013 Sell This Version