English indie pop band from Water Orton, Warwickshire. Formed by Lawrence who recorded the first single 'Index' on his own label in 1979. The first string of releases through Cherry Red Records featured the playing of classically trained guitarist Maurice Deebank. For some reason despite critical acclaim and a #1 indie single ('Primitive Painters') they never made it big, but have remained a cult band ever since. After Deebank left in 1986 they signed to Creation Records and released Forever Breathes The Lonely Word, arguably one of their highlights and still lauded as one of the decade's best pop albums. They went on to release ten albums in ten years, fulfilling Lawrence's 1980 prophecy.
Sometimes in mid 80s they played live with the name "The Scarlet Servants" , Facebook , Wikipedia
Members:Gary Ainge, John Mohan, Lawrence Hayward, Marco Thomas, Martin Duffy, Maurice Deebank, Mick Bund, Mick Lloyd, Mick Travis, Nick Gilbert, Philip King, Richard Left, Tony Willé
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