Noize Speed Coreporation

Noize Speed Coreporation

Members: GameMaster, Rew and Desorder

NSC main profile was remixing deathmetal/grindcore tracks and changing them 4/4 music. The project formed in 2001 and "based" in different locations. (Nagykanizsa and Nyiregyhaza, Hungary) After making several remixes, GameMaster and Rew left NSC in 2002 (unknown reason) and then suddenly NSC became a "one person project".
NSC is inactive since 2005.


Noize Speed Coreporation Discography Tracks


TT54 NSC* Minimal Resistance(File, MP3, 128) Mascha Records TT54 Switzerland 2001
TT29 NSC* Noize Turbina(File, MP3, 192) Mascha Records TT29 Switzerland 2001
TT35 NSC* Agyvihar(File, MP3, 96 ) Mascha Records TT35 Switzerland 2001
TT31 NSC* Gateway To Beyond(File, MP3, 96 ) Mascha Records TT31 Switzerland 2001
TT42 NSC* R3(File, MP3, 96 ) Mascha Records TT42 Switzerland 2001
TT28 NSC* Party Killa(File, MP3, 128) Mascha Records TT28 Switzerland 2001
TT33 NSC* IndustrialKore(File, MP3, 128) Mascha Records TT33 Switzerland 2001
TT27 NSC* Noize Distorsion(File, MP3, 192) Mascha Records TT27 Switzerland 2001
TT103 NSC* Prostheticcuntsampler(File, MP3, 128) Mascha Records TT103 Switzerland 2002
TT95 NSC* Devastation(File, MP3, 128) Mascha Records TT95 Switzerland 2002
TT96 NSC* Enriched By Evil(File, MP3, 160) Mascha Records TT96 Switzerland 2002
TT68 NSC* Embalmed Alive(File, MP3, 128) Mascha Records TT68 Switzerland 2002
TT67 NSC* Penis Epidermis Ejaculation(File, MP3, VBR) Mascha Records TT67 Switzerland 2002
TT66 NSC* Witness Of Forensic Horror(File, MP3, VBR) Mascha Records TT66 Switzerland 2002
TT129 NSC* Totalis Kiirtas(File, MP3, 48 ) Mascha Records TT129 Switzerland 2002
TT153 NSC* Minyom(File, MP3, 128) Mascha Records TT153 Switzerland 2003