Frank De Wulf

Real Name:Frank Jozef De Wulf

One of the pioneers of the belgian new beat and techno scene. De Wulf started in music around 1986 as a DJ/programmer for several local pirate radio stations in the area of Gent. He was mainly interested in music with a strong rhythmical content: new wave funk, electro, European and American experimental post-punk. Not just contenting himself with lining up tracks and commenting on them as radio makers in those days did, he made his own mixes and created a particular live atmosphere during his programmes.
From radio it was just a small step to DJ'ing in clubs, and by doing that Frank became intrigued by the process of making music. Captured by the early spirit of the new beat movement, his desire to gain more creative possibilities made him swap his turntables for a synthesizer and a sampler, and in this modest home studio environment he started to compose his own material and to remix existing tracks.
First public proof of his talents as a musician and a producer was the 12-inch "Acid Rock", which instantly became an underground hit and over the years developed into one of the classics of the first European Dance wave. But De Wulf's big breakthrough came with The B-Sides series (on Music Man Records), a stylish cocktail of beats and pieces, peculiar atmospherics and citations from international Dance highlights. All four volumes charted in several European countries and reigned over dance floors on the continent as well as in the States. The B-Sides vested De Wulf's name as key figure in the neo-beat wave, and in no time he found himself travelling throughout the global Dance village to DJ, to remix for artists as diverse as Erasure, N-Joi, Jam & Spoon, Orb and The Shamen and to promote his own material.
He later released an impressive body of work on his own labels H.P.F., Tribal Sun, Mikki House, Two Thumbs and Growth, compiled the CD "Missing Links" (a collection of his favourite tracks by other artists mixed with his own) and did production work for others. As an artist he continued to grow, incorporating Trance and ambient elements in his avant-Dance music.
He left the music scene at the end of the nineties and explores now the world of multimedia. He has his own multimedia company called "GRID". , Bandcamp , Facebook , Soundcloud , YouTube
Aliases:Arena, B-Sides (2), Bypass (2), C-Concept, Cas Stewart, Catella, Cerpent, DSR (7), Fun Lab, FX., In Full Effect, Modular Expansion, Second Chance, Sunstone, The Juggle Project
In Groups:Bass Jumpers, Casa Nostra (2), Crash (3), Dow Jones, F.O.G., Kate B, Liaisons D, Linea Alba, Popcorn, Rhythm Device, Sounds In Order, Two Thumbs, World Party II
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