New Cool Collective Big Band

New Cool Collective


Holland's hipper than hip New Cool Collective are led by renowned Dutch saxophonist and composer Benjamin Herman. Formed in 1994 from a loose collective of some of Holland’s finest jazz players, their music is a fresh and visceral mix of highly danceable soul and jazz, spiced with Latin flavors. Their trademark power stems from their fiercely grooving rhythm section, complemented by Herman’s innovative arrangements which fuse big-band horn charts with live DJ-inspired beats. , MySpace , , Bandcamp
Members:André Pet, Anton Goudsmit, Bart Lust, Bart van Gorp (2), Benjamin Herman, David Kweksilber, David Rockefeller, Efraim Trujillo, Erwin Zimmerman, Frank Van Dok, Frans Cornelissen, Jan van Duikeren, Jelle Schouten, Joe Rivera (2), Joost Kroon, Jos De Haas, Kees Adolfsen, Leslie Lopez, Miguel Martinez (3), Rory Ronde




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