Peter F. Spiess

Peter F. Spiess

Real Name:
Peter F. Spiess
Born 1974, Peter F. Spiess started out playing instruments at the age of six beginning with classical instruments. First attempts of electronic music programming followed in 1987 on the C-64 with its´ furious SID Chip. This time left a strong appreciation of analogue Sound Synthesis which lasts up to today. He bought his first Synthesizer in 1991 doing all the sequencing on an Atari STe. Years of experimental and amateur music-making passed which lead into the developement of an own musicial idea, strongly influenced by minimal style electronic music. In 1998 the Alpha 01 EP, Lunar specimen part one was released containing material that was produced in 1997.
The Alpha 01 appeared to be too abstract to sell well. Early in 1999 Sven Väth started the clubnight radio show on the German Radio Channel Hr3 with the Alpha 01 Track: High Frequency Penetration. This changed matters a little. The way was opened for a sequel: Alpha 02 EP Dreamcatcher which was released in July 1999.
In late 1999 the alpha label received a telephone call by Roman Fluegel who happened to be interested in the music released by Peter F. Spiess. Once established, the contact to Klang Elektronik resulted in the "true video" release,i.e. Klang 37. It was followed by "anatomic smile",i.e. Klang 41 and "ferret bite", i.e. Klang 47. The first Peter F. Spiess Album "crystal polymorphs", was also released on Klang 53 & Klang CD05. After a long gap, he has started producing again. Recently, he has collaborated with Jay Haze on Jays Contexterrior label and produced music for Jays Textone MP3 imprint.


Peter F. Spiess Discography Tracks


Peter F. Spiess Crystal Polymorphs (Album) Klang Elektronik, Klang Elektronik Germany 2001 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Peter Spiess* Lunar Specimen Part 1 Alpha Germany 1998 Sell This Version
ALPHA 2 Peter F. Spiess Dreamcatcher(12") Alpha ALPHA 2 Germany 1999 Sell This Version
Peter F. Spiess Ferret Bite Klang Elektronik Germany 2000 Sell This Version
Peter F. Spiess Anatomic Smile Klang Elektronik Germany 2000 Sell This Version
KLANG 37 Peter F. Spiess True Video(12", EP) Klang Elektronik KLANG 37 Germany 2000 Sell This Version
CNTX 06 Peter F. Spiess vs. Jay Haze Peter F. Spiess vs. Jay Haze - Untitled(12") Contexterrior CNTX 06 Germany 2004 Sell This Version
ADJUNCT 09 Peter F. Spiess Wortkarg EP(12", EP) Adjunct ADJUNCT 09 US 2006 Sell This Version
CNTX 15 Peter F. Spiess vs. Akiko Kiyama Peter F. Spiess vs. Akiko Kiyama - Cock Block The Pop Jocks(12") Contexterrior CNTX 15 Germany 2006 Sell This Version


txtn006 Peter F. Spieß* Rheinpark Liebe(6xFile, MP3) Textone txtn006 Germany 2003
txtn028 Peter F. Spieß* For Crisp Salads(4xFile, MP3, 192) Textone txtn028 Germany 2005