Royal Sapien

Royal Sapien

Real Name:
Ben Mautner
Royal Sapien runs Olaris Records in New York City and hosts monthly shows on Proton Radio and friskyRadio. While still quite young, he's logged more than a decade in the dance industry and was recently a guest on John Digweed's Transitions radio show and podcast. His production skills have been honed releasing tracks and remixes on Oxyd, Fade, Loöq, Proton Music, Toes In The Sand, EQ, Arctic Wave, Polytechnic, and several other labels since 2001.


Royal Sapien Discography Tracks


OLARISLP001 Royal Sapien Revolutionary(File, MP3, Album) Olaris Records OLARISLP001 US 2005
OLARISLP002 Royal Sapien Strip Poker Slot Machine(File, MP3, Album) Olaris Records OLARISLP002 US 2006
OLARIS031 Royal Sapien San Francisco Love(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS031 US 2007

Singles & EPs

OLARISBP001 Royal Sapien / Ryan Crane Royal Sapien / Ryan Crane - The Founders EP(File, MP3, EP) Olaris Records OLARISBP001 US 2006
OLARIS041 Royal Sapien An Incomplete Theory Of Everything EP1(File, MP3, EP) Olaris Records OLARIS041 US 2008

DJ Mixes

FDCD 007 Royal Sapien & 40oz Royal Sapien & 40oz - Audio Tour - Volume 2(3xCD) Fade Records FDCD 007 US 2007 Sell This Version


OLARIS001 Royal Sapien Melted(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS001 US 2005
OLARIS003 Royal Sapien Armed(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS003 US 2005
OLARIS017 Royal Sapien Oh No(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS017 US 2006
OLARIS016 Royal Sapien Allmonde(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS016 US 2006
OLARIS005 Royal Sapien Be With You(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS005 US 2006
OLARIS012 Royal Sapien The Sound Of The City(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS012 US 2006
OLARIS007 Royal Sapien Repeating The Lie Often Enough / A War We Can't Win(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS007 US 2006
OLARIS006 Royal Sapien Be With You Remixes(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS006 US 2006
OLARIS014 Ryan Crane Feat. Royal Sapien Ryan Crane Feat. Royal Sapien - Move On It(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS014 US 2006
OLARIS010 Royal Sapien Triple Nine(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS010 US 2006
OLARIS009 Royal Sapien Try(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS009 US 2006
OLARIS024 Royal Sapien Where's The Bar?(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS024 US 2007
OLARISBP002 Royal Sapien Save Me (Remixes)(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARISBP002 US 2007
OLARIS030 Royal Sapien Akimbo(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS030 US 2007
OLARIS020 Royal Sapien Do It Now(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS020 US 2007
OLARIS032 Royal Sapien Make Love(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS032 US 2007
OLARIS027 Royal Sapien Broad Styles(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS027 US 2007
OLARIS034 Royal Sapien Everyone Remixes(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS034 US 2008
OLARIS043 Royal Sapien Everyone Remixes Vol. 2(File, MP3) Olaris Records OLARIS043 US 2008

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