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Carbon Based was launched during the cold winter of 1996. The group was seeking its own sound for a number of years and has therefore produced tracks in a variety of different styles ranging from Jungle to House and from Gabber to Pop, which has kept them open minded to all sorts of music.

Somewhere in late 2000 Carbon Based started experimenting with harder sounds in co-operation with E-NRG. As a result, a track named Payback Time was born & it was soon signed to a British label Alien Trax and released in September '01.

After the first release, a lot of promotion and numerous live performances, things finally started to roll for Carbon Based. 2002 brought a lot of great reviews on the internet, new record deals and top gigs all over southern Finland.

2003 certainly got off to a flying start when Carbon Based started their performance exactly at midnight at Finlands largest New Years party, Forms of Energy in Helsinki. Other highlights of 2003 have been performances in such events as Säde: The Gathering and Koneisto, the largest festival of electronic music in Finland & releases on Electronic Recordings & Electrolysis Recordings.

2004 saw a host of events across Finland & more tracks signed and released on Electronic Recordings as well as a release on their own label, FINRG Recordings.

2010 Ari decided to leave the group and at the same time Ville Sorsa, better known as DJ Rx (3), joined in.
Members:Ari Virtanen, Petteri Kääpä, Teemu Lahtinen, Toni Eronen, Ville Sorsa
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