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July 8, 2002
Mark Imperial: House Nation -
A House Music pioneer, Mark Imperial has risen to legendary status. A protégé of Ralphi “The Razz” Rosario and Farley Jack Master Funk, Mark got his start rockin underground, club, loft and basement parties along with the Hot Mix 5 in 1983. His debut release “J’adore Danser”, one of DJ International’s first releases, catapulted Mark to International status. As the song climbed the dance charts it was played by the top DJs worldwide.

Mark then established the House Nation Record Label in 1986 and went on to deliver a string of hits. House Nation’s “Jason’s Revenge”, “Rock This House”, the “Machines” EP by Laurent X, and the vocal house anthem “The Love I Lost” are undisputed classics and confirmed Mark as a Super Producer around the globe.

Among those who considered Mark’s productions revolutionary was Derrick May of Detroit, who hails “Jason’s Revenge” as one of his major influences and a predecessor to Detroit Techno! Mark established alliances with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, the emerging techno heroes. Sharing the same futuristic vision of Dance Music, Mark remains a strong supporter of Detroit Techno.

Every DJ in Chicago knows Mark for “The Love I Lost” (1988), but the most sought after House Nation Release worldwide is the “Machines” EP by Laurent X (1988). Still slamming that slate are DJs Darren Emerson and Nick Warren who say that if you could get your hands on a copy it would go for over 100 pounds in the UK.

Mark’s production credits list like a “who’s who” in music superstars. Chicago’s Derrick Carter calls Mark his mentor, as Mark discovered Derrick’s talent in 1988 and was the first to bring him into the studio. Mark has worked with artists and producers Adonis, Robert Owens, Ralphi “The Razz” Rosario, Chip E, Darryl Pandy, Kool Rock Steady (RIP), Marshall Jefferson, Mike “Hitman” Wilson, and more.

Recent articles in Muzik Magazine “warmly welcome” the highly anticipated return of Laurent X in Mark Imperial’s next string of releases slated for this Summer/Fall 2002. Armed with the history and experience of the Chicago House Music Scene, Mark Imperial will take you on a journey of dirty street drumbeats laced with driving, rib-shaking bass lines and exotic house mutations that French kiss your soul. His DJ set is not to be missed.

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