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The members of the band were all born in Portland, Oregon, and had known each other since they were kids.
They had been playing together since early 1972 and were discovered at a club in Portland by Wayne Henderson (Trombonist, writer and producer of The Crusaders) who brought them to Fantasy Records in 1974. This was the beginning of a six year relationship with the label and a four year relationship with Wayne Henderson who, through his own production company "At Home Productions", was the band's producer and mentor. Pleasure was a very versatile band. Their music can best be described as a fusion of jazz and rock, soul, funk and R&B. Very distinctive, funky and definitely danceable.The group disbanded in the early 1980's.

The original nine members of Pleasure were:
Marlon McClain: Electric and acoustic guitar and background vocals.
Sherman Davis: Lead and background vocals.
Bruce Carter: Drums.
Donald Hepburn: Keyboards and background vocals.
Nathaniel Phillips: Electric bass and background vocals.
Bruce Smith (2): Percussion and background vocals.
Dennis Springer: Soprano and tenor sax.
Dan Brewster: Trombone and background vocals.
Brooke Shields: Special guest and Keyboards , Wikipedia , , All Music , Who Sampled
Members:Brooke Shields, Bruce Carter, Bruce Smith (2), Dan Brewster, Dennis Springer, Donald Hepburn, Douglas Lewis, Marlon McClain, Michael Hepburn, Nathaniel Phillips, Randy Hall, Sherman Davis
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